Comunes is a digital and physical social network which connects young Spanish emigrants with their hometown neighbors. It reinforces the ties between them and creates a mutual aid community that takes advantage of their members being outside Spain.

Comunes is the project based on my thesis research about causes and effects of the recent waves of youth emigration experienced by Spain as a result of the financial crisis since 2008. Its main premises are:

  • Waves of migration represent a valuable loss of human capital which is indispensable for further development of the country.
  • Young Spanish exiles are mostly highly educated and have high adaptability. Most of them feel they have been forced to emigrate and would like the situation to improve in order to return to Spain.
  • The internet is a support system that is evolving to serve the public as a tool of control. New applications and tools enable greater participation. Some young Spaniards are already organized through them and can operate transnationally. They want to participate, propose ideas and collaborate, despite living abroad.


Comunes starts from the fact that strong communication and performance skills could be used from the exterior to compensate for the void left by emigrants.

It is a communication tool that should serve as a vehicle to promote and find solutions, turn hypothetical ideas into common and real proposals. Comunes gives an increased output of the possibilities created by transnational networks and sparks the desire of the young exiles to participate in social change. It works as a paying forward system where everybody obtains personal and social benefits.

Comunes was my master graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven. It was exhibited in the Dutch Design Week 2016.


  • Date: 2015
  • Client: Personal
  • Skills: Communication, Concept, Data Visualization, Edition, Research