This thesis is the result of the research I did during my second year Master at Design Academy Eindhoven. It talks about the migrations of youth spaniards since the beginning of the economic crisis in Spain (2008) and its consequences for the country. My project “Comunes” is based on this research.


Emigration flows have increased in Spain as a result of the financial crisis for two reasons: First, because of its outdated and corrupt institutional system and second, because of the collapse of the real estate bubble. This caused an economic crisis which resulted in social and political unrest.

This essay will explore the effects of the crisis in terms of: the growing polarization of classes, the loss of social benefits, and the high unemployment rate which has hindered social integration. Moreover, the policies enacted by the Spanish government seem to aggravate the situation further. In particular these policies have been detrimental to the youth of Spain. The generation effected by the policies become unable to envision their future or their personal development within their nation of origin, and as a result, are forced to migrate out of the country in a form of modern exile.

One consequence of this exile, or this migration of the young is a change in values which has created a stronger promotion of social cohesion. Primarily, it has affected the family unit, which plays a fundamental role in stability and security issues.

Secondly, this migration has led to a series of social movements which seem to be protesting against the situation by asking for institutional and political support, demanding a profound change in the system, and trying to propose new solutions.

These social movements have crossed national borders and are becoming a global phenomenon. As the modern world has become more dependent upon the global economy, the widespread needs of the world’s population have become more unified.

Social networks and new virtual platforms play an important role in the dissemination and communication between these international social movements. In particular, they allow anyone (even the exiled) to partake in the proposal and creation of new ideas.

Joost Grootens
Gert Staal
Arthur Roeloffzen
Simon Davies
Frans Bevers
Jennifer Pettersson

Format: Newspaper
Size: 375×520 mm