The map is a representation of time and space of what happened during the encampment at Madrid´s Puerta del Sol Square, from May 15th to June 12th 2011, organized by the 15M movement.

The 15M movement started on May 15th 2011 in Madrid, it´s aim was to promote a participatory democracy far from the domain of banks and corporations. Internet and social media had played an important role in the proliferation of the protest. But just as essential was the encampment at the Puerta del Sol. The protesters took over of the streets, squares and public spaces to discuss and develop the goals of the movement peacefully. 15M started in Madrid, but I it quickly spread to other Spanish cities and other countries.

15M is highlighted for its means of organization. Within in the encampment small thematic working groups and open assemblies in which the participants discussed and elaborated proposals were organized. Later the assemblies became bigger and grew into town and district assemblies.


Maps data: “Acampada Soul”

Twitter data:

Source 1: “The Square. Development of the 15M” by www.lainformació

Source 2:  “My 15M. A diary” by Ana Pérez Cañamares



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